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Hobie Fishing Kayaks

Hobie Fishing Kayaks

Hobie makes the best pedal fishing kayaks!

Hobie invented pedal-powered fishing kayaks. They offer a huge advantage for kayak anglers. Paddle powered kayaks require you to hold a paddle instead of your rod and reel. Hobie fishing kayak owners spend more time on the water feeling fish strikes and getting more casts in. We're experts on every model of Hobie fishing kayak. There's a model for every type of kayak angler and for every budget. 

We'll answer all your questions

You can use the chat feature on this website, call us on the phone at 651-429-3333 or stop into the store. We'll answer all your questions and explain the differences and advantages of various models for how you intend to use your Hobie fishing kayak.

Test out a Hobie fishing kayak on the water

Experience is the best teacher. Startup a conversation, then let's get out on the water. Discover how various models perform, sign up for a Hobie fishing kayak demo here.

Learn more about Hobie fishing kayaks

Jump right in and start learning about individual models below. Or read our article What's The Best Hobie Fishing Kayak For Me?

We're Hobie experts!

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