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Life vests and personal flotations devices (PFD's) for kayaking and kayak fishing are the most important piece of equipment you purchase. They can save your life if you tip your kayak or fall out. We can't stress the importance of buying one that suits your kayak activity, is comfortable and one you will wear at all times on the water.

Different styles of life vests and personal flotation devices

Slimline inflatable pfd's have an uninflated bladder that will inflate manually once the wearer pulls the "jerk to inflate" cord. Benefits, they're light and comfortable. They are used for general kayaking, paddle boards and kayak fishing.

Kayak fishing pfd's have loads of pockets and ways to attach frequently used tools. Kayak anglers are constantly cutting and tieing lines, unhooking fish and using tools. These vests make it easy to keep these tools easily accessible.

Women's pfd's are anatomically designed to be comfortable for ladies.

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