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Why you should purchase your Hobie Kayak from a local dealer


Why Buy Your Hobie Kayak Locally?

One of the great things about buying from a local Hobie dealer is you can touch, feel, see and demo the kayaks

You’ll experience the size, the color and the quality of the materials and manufacturing. You can see how different models perform on the water at a demo. You can see all of the accessories, ask questions and get them installed by an experienced technician. Hi Tempo has trained staff who will help you get the right kayak for your needs and help you with rigging options and tips. You get personal one to one service.

A trained Hobie Kayak expert will show you all the features and how things work

When you purchase from Hi Tempo we have experts who are trained on the features and benefits of all models and how to set up and use Hobie Kayaks. This will ensure that you know how to safely use your kayak and get the most enjoyment out of it. In addition, we provide after sale service, support and parts that keep your Hobie Kayak on the water and and delivering amazing experiences. We stand behind our Hobie products so that you can have confidence in the equipment you're using for years to come!

No damage from shipping

Kayaks are difficult to ship. Shipping damage is common. Waiting for your kayak to be delivered, only to discover dents and other damage is no fun. Hi Tempo gets boats from Hobie in dedicated shipments just for kayaks. All of our kayaks are inspected, assembled, in perfect condition and ready for you when you pick them up.

Faster warranty claims, or repairs if needed

Hi Tempo is able to provide service on your Hobie locally at our shop. If you have any problems with your kayak, Hi Tempo will be able to get you going again quickly so that you can get back on the water. It’s much easier to just drop off your boat to the dealer that sold it to you than having to ship it back to the manufacturer or another dealer across the country.

Support your local economy

Another reason to purchase your Hobie Kayak locally is that you want to support the local business community. Local businesses need your support and we all benefit when we shop locally. By purchasing locally, more money stays in our community and this helps everyone!

We’re one of the largest, oldest Hobie Kayak dealers in the country!

We were one of the first dealers when the MirageDrive hit the scene. We know what’s new in the Hobie world and stay on top everything Hobie. We stand behind our Hobie experts and Hobie products. Give us a try, find out why we’re one of the largest, oldest Hobie dealers in the country!

Here’s what some of our Hobie customers say about purchasing their Hobie Kayak from Hi Tempo

Brian Madden

I recently purchased a Hobie Pro Angler 14 360 from Hi Tempo. The day of the purchase, they had the kayak setup and ready for me to pickup. They spent 15 minutes going front to back on how to use the kayak, and what to expect.  I've worked with Hi Tempo before, and I KNOW that if I have any questions or warranty claims they will be there to assure I get answers and back on the water ASAP.

KP Enderle

I've purchased kayaks and Hobie accessories from Hi Tempo for many years. They're Hobie experts and I like supporting local, family businesses. I had a kayak shipped to me years ago (not from Hi Tempo), it was severely damaged en route to me. When I purchased my kayak from Hi Tempo, I picked it up at the shop and could inspect the condition, it was perfect! I was shown the features of the kayak and how to use them. Thanks Hi Tempo.  

We're Hobie experts!

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