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How rentals and demos work

Questions? Call 651-429-3333 or use chat on this website during business hours

Daily ski rentals 

Avoid the long lines at the ski area, pick up your rental gear the day before you go skiing. Get on the slopes faster! To ensure getting equipment on weekends or holidays, call ahead to reserve daily rentals.

Ski only price: $30/day

Skis, boots, and poles package price: $45/day

Demo performance skis

Try before you buy! Rent performance skis - experience skis you're interested in on the slopes before purchasing. Up to $150 in rental fees can be applied towards the purchase of new skis. Expires: 3/1/23. Up to two days rental fees can be applied to the purchase price of new performance skis you rented. This program is also great if you're heading on a trip where you'd like skis that are more appropriate to the conditions you'll be skiing.

Mens or womens performance skis $75/day

Performance Rental Skis Men Length
Armada ARV 88 171
Atomic Bent 100 172
Atomic Bent 85 165
Armada Declivity 88 C 168
Nordica Enforcer 88 172
Nordica Enforcer 94 172
Rossignol Experience 80 Carbon 166
Rossignol Forza 70° V-Ti 173
Stockli Laser Cx 170
Stockli Montero AS 166
Stockli Montero AX 173
Fischer Ranger 90   177
Atomic Redster Q6 172
Blizzard Rustler 9 174
Rossignol Sender 94 Ti 178
Stockli Stormrider 88 175
Stockli Stormrider 95 176
Elan Wingman 82 Cti 172
Performance Rental Skis Women Length
Armada ARW 84 157
Blizzard Black Pearl 88 159
Atomic Cloud Q9 147
Head E.Absolut Joy 153
Dynastar E-Cross 78 156
Rossignol Experience W 80 Carbon 158
Stockli Montero AW 158
Stockli Nela 88 160
Fischer Ranger 90 WS 163
Elan Ripstick 88 W 162
Armada Reliance 82 C 150
Nordica Santa Ana 84 158
Nordica Santa Ana 88 158
Blizzard Sheeva 9 162
Elan Wildcat 82 Cx 152