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Ski Rental & Performance Ski Demo

Family Skiing

How rentals and demos work

Questions? Call 651-429-3333 or use chat on this website during business hours

Daily ski rentals 

Avoid the long lines at the ski area, pick up your rental gear the day before you go skiing. Get on the slopes faster! 

Skis, Boots, & Poles package: $45 per day

Weekend Rental: Friday 2:00 pm to Monday 12:00 pm for $90.
Ski all day Saturday and Sunday!

Ski Only: $30 per day

Demo performance skis

Try before you buy! Rent the skis you're interested in before purchasing. Up to $150 in demo/rental fees can be applied towards the purchase of new skis. 2024 Credit Expired.

This program is also great if you're heading on a trip where you'd like skis that are more appropriate to the conditions you'll be skiing.

Performance skis $75 per day

Check back in November for a list of downhill skis that will be available for demo.