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5 Star Skiing Assessment


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5 Stars

Hi Tempo Introduces 5 Star Skiing

In every sport there are participants and there are performers. In skiing, we all get a front row seat to look at the rest of the skiers coming down the mountain. When that elite skier skis down a run it is noticeable. They always ski easy, they look comfortable, and they ski in total control.

Unlike just about any other sport, the anatomical differences of the human body make skiing easy difficult for many skiers. Most skiers would like to ski better and be more comfortable on the snow.

The FootLab at Hi Tempo began 20 years ago as the custom ski boot fitting division of Hi Tempo Ski Shop. Our goal then, and now, is to help every skier ski better. Through the thousands of ski boot fits we’ve done over the years we’ve learned that there are 5 “must haves” that will help skiers ski better. Those 5 fixes are what 5 Star Skiing is all about.

5 Stars

The 5 Star Skiing Process

1. Boot Fitting: The number one problem we see with clients is that they’re in the wrong boot. The wrong boot is a boot that’s too big, too stiff, or too wide. The typical adult boot ranges in size from 22.5-31.5, they have 8 different flex ratings, and 4 widths. That gives the average skier over 320 combinations to choose from. Hi Tempo has trained boot fitters to narrow that choice down to the correct boot.

2. Custom Orthotics: Ski boot manufacturers recommend that the standard inserts that come inside ski boots should NOT be used for skiing. Custom orthotics position the foot for maximum comfort, control, and posture. The FootLab custom ski boot orthotics are $249 and become half price with a boot purchase.

3. Alignment: Correcting the stance, also known as alignment, of the skier is important for making good turns. 65% of the population are either bow-legged or knock-kneed and do not stand flat on their skis. These people will never ski easily. Assessing alignment requires an easy check and fixing alignment is very doable. The FootLab can correct alignment issues through ski boot canting for $229 or take 20% off that price with a boot purchase.

4. Tuning: Today’s skis can be tuned for easy turning or super aggressive hard charging. Having the right tune for your skiing is critical. Hi Tempo offers different levels of ski tuning to suit your desired goals. Ski Tuning Services

5. Training: The staff at Hi Tempo can explain how new skis are designed and can introduce skiers to organizations that can teach them the proper way to make skis turn.

Custom Ski Boot Fitting Expert

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