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Introduction To Kayak Fishing Class

Get Into Hobie Kayak Fising

Get into kayak fishing, we'll show you how

The popularity of kayak fishing in Minnesota and the upper Midwest USA has exploded in the last decade! Fishing from a kayak has unique features and benefits that make it more exciting and versatile than other types of fishing. All anglers love trying the latest and greatest to improve results. Here's your chance to learn about and experience kayak fishing with direction from an expert kayak angler. You'll have the opportunity to get out on the water and fish from top-of-the-line Hobie® Fishing Kayaks.

Learn the basics of kayak fishing and get on the water to experience it!

People new to the sport of kayak fishing have lots of questions. How to transport a kayak, safety concerns, rigging, gear, and more. You'll get detailed information on basic kayak fishing gear and how to operate a fishing kayak. Then, you'll get in a fishing kayak and experience it on the water if you like.

Ron Strauss Hobie Kayak Fishing

Instructor: Ron Strauss
Experience: President and founder of the Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association
Current Fishing Kayak: Hobie Pro Angler 14 With 360 Technology

Two ways to learn about kayak fishing, your choice!

Part one is a classroom style presentation of kayak fishing basics. This can be can be done at a lake or as a Zoom meeting if you like. It's not a requirement to meetup and fish to learn kayak fishing basics, a Zoom presentation option is open to anyone in Minnesota or western Wisconsin and allows you to learn and ask questions without having to travel to the Twin Cities metro MN area. It's also an option if you just want to learn about basic kayak fishing topics without getting on the water.

Outline of the one part beginner kayak fishing program:

Part two of the class (if you choose) is getting on the water and experiencing kayak fishing. You'll help unload, prep and get on the water with top of the line Hobie Fishing Kayaks.

Outline of the two part beginner kayak fishing program:

What you need to bring:

This beginner kayak fishing class is sponsored by Hi Tempo Hobie Fishing Kayaks

Hi Tempo has made this class possible. The class is developed and presented by Ron Strauss, the President and Founder of the Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association. Any questions you have should be directed to Ron Strauss, NOT Hi Tempo. Complete the form below and Ron will reply and we can get a date arranged for you to take the Zoom class or the at the lake, on-the-water class. Persons opting to experience the on-the-water part of the class will be required to sign a liability waiver. You must be over 18 years of age to take part in the class. 

How to reserve a spot!

If you choose to take part in the class that includes on-the-water experience, you'll be using the best fishing kayaks in the world, Hobie Kayaks. You'll get a great introduction to, and experience live, what the sport has to offer. If you choose to learn from the online Zoom course only, you'll learn all the basics and get all your questions answered.

When: We'll work out a time that is convenient and the weather is tame (if we're meeting at a lake).
Dates: Program will be offered June through the end of September.
Cost: $50 per person, payable when dates and times are confirmed.

Sign up to get more information or reserve a spot in the "Kayak Fishing, Get Into It" program.

Reservations will start beginning of June.


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