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Junior Freestyle Twin Tip Ski Lease

Junior Freestyle Twin Tip Ski Lease Package

Jr. Twin Tip Snow Ski Lease Package Only $318!

A great package for advanced junior skiers

Their skiing has progressed and they're pumped to test their advancing skills with friends in the park. So get pumped yourself because now you have a twin tip ski lease option at Hi Tempo Ski Shop! We lease new gear — always the latest and greatest.

Come in early for the best selection on season long ski rental packages for juniors

Hi Tempo ski lease packages are highly popular. We recommend coming in well before Thanksgiving to ensure that your sizes are still available. Bring your child in to the store and one of our experts will make sure they get right gear and the right fit for their skills.

Socially distanced leasing?

You don’t need to stop into the store to sign up for your lease gear. Give us a call at 651-429-3333. We can take your skiers information over the phone, make sure the set you’re looking for will be appropriately sized for your skier and get you all set up. We’ll have the gear mounted, tuned and prepped for you when you stop by to pick up your gear.

CALL 651-429-3333


$318 Skis & Boots Lease

Skis: Rossi Blackops Whiz Banger | Bindings: NX 7 GW B93 | Boots: Rossi Comp J4 - Black

Junior Twin Tips Ski Lease Package

$249 Skis Only Lease | $69 Boots Only Lease
$79 Boots Only Lease For SpeedMachine J4

Rossignol Fun Girl J4 Ski Boots Alternate Boots Choice:
Rossi Fun Girl J4 - White 
Nordica Speedmachine J4 Ski Boots Alternate Boots Choice:
Nordica Speedmachine J4


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