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Which Hobie Pedal Kayak Is Right For You?

  • Posted on
  • By Jeremy Dahl
  • Posted in Hobie Kayaks

Which Hobie Kayak Is Right For You?

Hobie makes a wide variety of pedal kayaks to meet the needs and budget of users. Our product experts will help you get the perfect Hobie kayak. This article explains the questions that we ask customers when we are qualifying you for a boat. This will help you start to determine which models are right for you. We invite you to reach out via chat on this website, by phone, 651-429-3333 or by stopping into the store to ask any questions.

Who's using it? 

Guy, gal, kid, or a shared boat. We ask you this to help determine the size of the kayak that's right for you.

What are you using it for?

Hobie Pedal Kayak On River

Fishing, cruising, exercise, photography or multiple uses. This helps determine which Hobie kayak models are best for your needs.

Where will you be using it?

Lakes, rivers, ponds, etc. Flat water or moving water? Moving water (Rivers) would lead us to a smaller more maneuverable model, flat water opens the door to a bigger/wider boat.

How often will you have to move it? How important is portability?

Transporting Hobie Kayaks

If you have a cabin or lake house; get the bigger boat. If you'll always be transporting it to different waters; get the smaller boat. We'll also talk about; How are you transporting it? Rooftop, trailer, etc.

Once we have an answer to these questions, we can recommend a boat for you

The bigger boats are better fishing platforms. (Literally platforms for standing, but also have the most stock features) The down side is size and weight.

The smaller boats are more portable and budget friendly. The down side here is less features and a smaller deck area.

Everyone asks about stability

Hobie Kayak Stability

The reality is they're all super stable, you can easily stand up in all of the Hobie kayaks. The bigger/wider boats are even more stable, but the tradeoff is size/weight. Length: Longer = faster, smoother ride. Shorter = slower, but more maneuverable. As discussed earlier, size has a direct effect on weight and portability.

Pedal Power

We talk about the Miragedrives a lot, and people ask a lot of questions, but the kayak model that you choose should trump the drive that you need or want. The MirageDrive that comes with your kayak follows your budget. Spend a little, get a little. Spend a lot, get a lot.

Color is really important to some people

If you are on a super busy lake or river, being visible to power boats is important, a brighter color can help you be seen and safe. If you're going to use your kayak for duck hunting, you want to be invisible, the camo models blend in to natural surroundings.

We'll help you get the perfect Hobie kayak for your needs

Hi Tempo is one of the oldest and largest Hobie dealers in the country

Hi Tempo was one of a few Hobie dealers to introduce the Hobie Mirage Pedaling Kayak. Hobie kayaks have changed the entire kayak industry and continue to drive innovation. Our Hobie experts have decades of experience. We make sure you get the best kayak for your need

Learn more about Hobie pedal kayak models, stop by the store, call 651-429-3333 or use chat on this website during business hours