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Learn the correct way to put ski boots on

In our custom boot fitting area in the foot lab we do a lot of boot work and we see a lot of individuals put ski boots on and most of them are not doing it correctly so the purpose of this video is to talk about how to actually put a ski boot on. There's a specific way to do it and we're going to cover that in this video.To start with we're going to talk about two important components in terms of boot fitting one is the sock and the second is the long underwear.

First of all the sock.

In an ideal situation you shouldn't put the sock on until right before you put the ski boot on. You don't want to put the sock on at home because just driving to the ski area is gonna put some perspiration onto your sock which is going to make your feet get colder sooner. Second of all the ski sock needs to be a ski specific sock and what makes that unique is that it's going to have a heel sewn into it there isn't going to be any ribbing on the sock where the sock touches the boot and it's going to be made out of a material that's going to take the moisture off of your foot and transmit it into the liner of the boot so that you can keep your foot drier which is going to help keep it warmer.

The second thing is the long underwear.

You want to make sure that when you put your long underwear on you take the bottom of the long underwear fold it up on top of itself so that the bottom of the long underwear is above the top of the boot. A lot of times the seams from the long underwear can drive you crazy and create real hot spots inside the boot.

To put the boot on what we're gonna do is I'm going to take my outside hand in this case my left hand and I'm gonna grab the tongue. I'm gonna grab the inside of the cuff with my inside hand or my right hand in this case I'm going to put the foot into there and as I begin to push down on my foot, I'm gonna spread pull my two hands apart spread the throat of the mood so that the foot drops in there easy the second thing I'm going to do is I'm going to unweight my heel I'm gonna grab the liner in the back of the boot and I'm gonna lift up on the liner and pump my heel a couple times. That serves two purposes first of all it gets my heel all the way to the bottom of the boot. Second of all it gets my heel into the heel pocket of the boot and everything's aligned the way it's supposed to be my next step is to buckle the cuff of the boot and to secure the power strap now I'm going to stand up, I'm going to drive my knee forward as far and as hard as I can a couple times. That's going to set the heel back into the back of the boot and it's going to pull my toes off the front of the boot. The last step is to buckle up from the toes to the upper cuff buckle retighten the power strap and you're good to go