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Why you need to get your skis tuned

Why You Need Snow Ski Tuneups

You can’t control the weather or snow conditions, but you CAN control the condition of your equipment – get a ski tune

We all desire QUALITY time on the slopes. A lot of preparation goes into outings and trips. Don't skimp on ski maintenance. It's an easy way to ensure your gear delivers optimal performance and you get the most enjoyment from your time and equipment.    

Less friction makes skis run faster and easier to turn

The base of skis is made of P-tex, a porous material. Ski wax is used to seal the pores of the P-tex material. There are different waxes for different temperatures or an all-temperature wax for general use. The wax seal on the bottom of your skis reduces drag. Keep the wax in good shape and you'll be able to go faster and turn easier!

Rust and burrs on the edges of your skis increase drag, making your skis slower and less responsive. Dull edges make it difficult to carve turns, especially in icy conditions. Keeping the base and edges of your skis in top condition will enhance your performance on the slopes.  

How often should you have your skis tuned-up?

Tuneup timing depends on the conditions and your skiing style. If you're skiing in early or late seasons when more hazards are exposed, you should inspect your base and edges more often. If you go off-trail, you can bet your skis are probably going to get some dings and dents.

As a guideline, most people may need a tune-up every 14 times out depending where you ski and slope conditions.

How to check if your skis need a tune-up

Know what to look for. Wipe and dry your skis and inspect them. Visually check the bottoms for scratches, gouges and scrapes after each outing. Look down the entire length of your skis to inspect the wax surface. It should be even and consistent. Run your fingers along the edges; is there any rust, nicks or dents? Test for edge sharpness with your fingernail. Scratch the edge with the surface of your fingernail at various spots, it should cut a very thin layer of the surface of your nail.

While you're out skiing, if things feel slower or your turning is less responsive or washed out, it's probably time to get your skis tuned. Inspect them, or bring them in and we'll help.

What type of tune-up do you need for your skis?

The tuneup required depends on what type of skier you are and what gear you ride. We have tuning services for novices to professionals. When you bring your skis in we'll inspect them, talk about what you desire and what we recommend.


Don't let a lack of maintenance reduce your fun on the slopes. Keeping your gear tuned is the easiest way to prevent some common problems on the slopes. We carry tuning accessories and offer a complete menu of tuning services. Be ready for your time on the snow!

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