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  • YakAttack TowNStow Scupper Kayak Cart with Sand Tires

YakAttack TowNStow Scupper Kayak Cart with Sand Tires

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Now available in a sand tire option. The TowNStow Scupper Kayak Cart is designed to be used exclusively with kayaks that are reinforced and designed to work with scupper carts such as Hobie®.

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Now available in a sand tire option. The TowNStow Scupper Kayak Cart is designed to be used exclusively with kayaks that are reinforced and designed to work with scupper carts such as Hobie®. The TowNStow Scupper Kayak Cart takes what you think a scupper cart should do and turns it on its head. This cart is collapsible, user-friendly, adjustable, robust, and features additional fore and aft hull support. With a push of a button or the turn of a knob, the TowNStow Scupper can be assembled, adjusted, or collapsed in seconds. Made in the USA to a standard of quality you have come to expect from YakAttack; the TowNStow Scupper is built from UV-resistant, high-quality, injection-molded polymers and anodized aluminum tubing and assembled with stainless steel hardware. The TowNStow Scupper is designed for transportation over long distances at walking speeds. It is not designed to be towed by any other means, including motor vehicles, ATVs, bicycles, or any method exceeding 5 miles per hour.

Bunks and Adjustability

The classic scupper cart features a pair of posts and rests that support the kayak’s weight right at the radius of the scupper. The trend of larger and heavier sit-on-top fishing kayaks is not going away anytime soon and creates the need for the old school scupper cart to get a facelift. The TowNStow Scupper has four firm but flexible round rubber bunk pads in an orientation that provides additional fore and aft hull support. The bunk pads conform to the hull's shape, keeping the scupper post in place and preventing the post from racking while in the scupper. To accommodate as many kayaks as possible and to help with any variance in scupper width, the bunks are infinitely adjustable from 5.5” to 14.5” wide. This feature differs from the TowNStow BarCart and the Bunkster as they have preset bunk width locations.


Many anglers set up their kayaks in the boat ramp parking lot and then cart them to water’s edge, but taking the cart back to their vehicle is not always an option. Doing so leaves your kayak and gear unattended and susceptible to theft. The TowNStow Scupper was designed to disassemble completely without the need for tools. Everything can be removed from the aluminum axle in just a few seconds, and in the collapsed state, the cart can be stored in most kayak hatches.

Scupper Barb

Traditionally, a scupper cart would feature a locking device at the end of the scupper post, like a linchpin, to lock the cart in place once the post has been inserted into the kayak’s scupper. For heavier and wider kayaks such as a Hobie Pro Angler, this can be cumbersome, so to simplify the process, we added a one-way Scupper Barb. The feature will come into play for those transporting their kayaks in the back of a truck bed. With the Scupper Barb deployed you can insert the Scupper Post into the kayak’s scupper holes while the kayak is still in the truck bed overhanging past the tailgate. Once the Scupper Barbs pass through the hull, they will lock in place, preventing the cart from falling to the ground. This feature makes unloading and loading much easier. Please note this feature is intended for loading and unloading only and is not intended to keep your cart hanging in this orientation while your vehicle is in transit.


Included are two air-filled balloon tires mounted on an injection molded two-piece wheel. The air-filled tires are optimized for various soft surfaces including sand and mud, and yes, they are YakAttack Orange. The wheels feature sealed hubs to keep out sand and grit. Like the BeadLoc wheels, they easily snap in place and are removed by a push of a button, and are interchangeable.

If you are interest in the hard surface tire option of the Scupper Click HERE


The TowNStow Scupper comes with two kickstands. For loading heavier kayaks such as a Pro Angler or Outback turning the kayak on its side is the traditional method of attaching a scupper cart, but for lighter weight Hobie kayaks like the Lynx most people could load the kayak while the cart is upright with use of the kickstands. For the broadest range of width adjustment, the kickstands are designed to be assembled facing the center of the axle. When not in use, the kickstands snap into the upright position, locked out of the way.

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