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Holiday Kayak Fishing Gift Ideas

Holiday Kayak Fishing Gift Ideas

Posted on November 29 2017

Holiday Kayak Fishing Gift Ideas

Grant Carston - 2017 Hi Tempo – Hobie Fishing Team Member


HO HO HO….It's that time of year! Time to shop for great deals and gifts for your loved ones. Maybe you know someone who recently purchased a kayak or you purchased one for them. If so, this gift idea guide is for you! Let's talk about a few great options to “deck the hulls” of that new kayak.

There are hundreds of options for accessories available for kayak anglers. If you're just getting into the sport of kayak fishing, the choices can be overwhelming. It doesn't need to be that complicated. Here are some basic items to have to make a day on the water more enjoyable!



This is simple, yet many people overlook having a good cooler on the water. Soft coolers are nice because most have multiple outside storage pockets. Look for one with a good insulation in the main body of the cooler. Think about the size of your kayak and where the cooler will be kept throughout the day. Get the biggest model that won't take up too much space. Some coolers are designed to strap on the bow of the kayak allowing you to maximize space usage and store lots of chilled items.


Many kayak anglers use crates behind their seats to accommodate tackle and attach rod holders. The most popular are actual milk crates from the local grocery store. This works fine, but an upgraded crate designed specifically for kayak fishing is a great gift and won’t break the bank. There are multiple options for full featured kayak fishing crates. I recommend the Hobie H-Crate Jr. It is the same size as a milk crate, but gives you more options. The Hobie H-Crate comes standard with 4 integrated rod holders and straps. The integrated H-Rail system makes it easy and fast to add more kayak fishing accessories.


The longer you're into kayak fishing, the more rods you'll acquire – and you'll want those rods with you on the water. You're going to need a spot for them. Not only do they serve the purpose of storage but are a must have when trolling. I recommend choosing a good quality rod holder like RAM mounts, or SCOTTY mounts. Both of these brands are among the better products on the market. Both have multiple options and styles to choose from. Hi Tempo carries the best kayak fishing rod holders. 


Dry bags are a great way to store extra cloths, camera gear, toiletries, camp supplies, fire kits, basically anything you need to stay dry. Most bags come in multiple sizes from small to extra large. I recommend you get 3 sizes, small, medium and large. If you don't think you need 3, go with the with large size. The tops of these bags can be rolled up or folded down if there's un-used space in the bag.


Having a way to charge your devices on the water is good to ensure your safety. If you need to call for help but your phone is dead from taking too many selfies with your fish, you might be in trouble. There are 2 options for charging on the water. First, is a basic power bank you charge at home before heading out. Second, is a solar charger to keep in your dry bag or dry hatch. Look for options that are small and compact.


Kayak anglers can't have enough of these! Even if they can’t fill them today, wait a month or so. Those holiday gift cards will most likely be used to purchase some tackle. Having the empty storage bins/boxes is just being proactive. The most popular size is roughly the size of a ream of paper, 8.5" x 11" or so. Small enough to fit in the above mentioned crate. These boxes feature multiple options. Water tight boxes are okay if you don't keep wet lures in them like hair jigs or bucktails. When you trap moisture in an air tight box, it will rust or corrode. The better option is a nice sturdy set of regular boxes with latches to keep the lids from opening when tossing around.

These are simple, affordable gifts any kayak angler would want. They are budget friendly, and make the kayak fishing experience even more enjoyable. If you know someone who is a kayak angler, one or all of the items above is can brighten their smile this holiday season.

From all of us on the Hi Tempo / Hobie Fishing Team, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!