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On The Water Review Of The Hobie Mirage Drive 180

On The Water Review Of The Hobie Mirage Drive 180

Posted on April 25 2017

Hobie Outback Mirage Drive Review

I've been looking forward to getting the new 2017 Outback with MD180 drive on the water for a test

I recently fished a lake in southern Iowa with my 2017 Hobie Outback with the new Mirage Drive 180. I knew the new reverse feature was a game changer, but I discovered more benefits than I expected.

The Mirage Drive 180 performed GREAT

The most impressive thing about the new Outback with the Mirage Drive 180? It's very easy to peddle. I predicted the MD 180 would be a real game changer and it exceeded my expectations. Apart from the obvious ability to back out of tight spots, there are several other areas where this new drive shines. 

With the MD-180 in reverse I can slowly and thoroughly fish a bank with the wind angling at my back

Let the weather cock angle your kayak, it will anyway, just go with it. You can peddle slowly in reverse with the wind at your back and easily maintain your distance from the shore line as the angle of the wind moves you. You'll be able to hold your position to target fish. Beautiful!

Recently I fished for bass in a lake with flooded timber and cedar tops

This lake had several new cedar tops added to the lake for cover by the DNR. I cast a squarebill between a couple of them and the shoreline and hooked up on a 19" LMB. The fish tried to pull me into the cedar top but the reverse drive allowed me to decisively win the battle. A real advantage to having the Mirage Drive 180!

Here's one benefit I did not predict

With the new Mirage Drive 180 reverse, I can now fish slowly and thoroughly at a MUCH faster pace! What? Let me explain. Before  the MD 180, I would peddle to a spot with a great fish holding potential and do one of two things:

1. Turn the rudder so my forward momentum would carry me past but not into the spot. This method allows one or two impatient casts before drifting out of position.

2. Or, peddle up so slowly and carefully that my forward momentum would be expended without drifting into the spot. This method offers the thorough and patient fishing that is often required to put fish in the yak but is very time consuming. Whether you're fishing a tournament or just fishing for the pure joy of it, being able to target more spots and still fish thoroughly will put more fish on your line. Enter the MD 180! I discovered I can peddle straight at a spot, switch the drive to reverse and stop on a dime!

I use the reverse feature countless times to back out of tight spots that would have required (without the reverse drive) putting the fishing rod down and picking up the paddle.

It was ridiculously windy while I was fishing on this outing,  but it was such a joy to have instant reverse as an option to enhance boat control. Now that I have that option, and now that I've fished with it, I never want to be without the MD 180 drive again. 

Later, Jay.

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