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The Hobie Kayak Fishing Advantage

Hobie Kayak Fishing

Kayak anglers are a resourceful group that leverage any advantage to improve their fishing results

There's a lot of variables that go in to finding and catching fish from a kayak. What lake you're fishing, what structure is best to fish in that lake, how your target species is behaving, what lures or bait is performing best, the variables are numerous.

You won't catch fish if your lure isn't in the water!

Hobie kayak anglers know this and use the features and benefits of their boat to increase success rates. Let me tell you about a recent kayak fishing outing I was on. We chose a lake we knew held good numbers of large mouth bass and decent size northern pike. I did some research on the lake structure, plotted areas I wanted to fish and rigged up 2 bass rods and 2 pike rods prior to hitting the water. My PA 12 has 4 horizontal rod holders, so I can easily switch from one rig to another. I selected extra tackle and lures for the target species.

I hit a few Bass spots and had success catching some smaller fish. I had another area selected I wanted to hit, it was about a half mile from my current location. If your paddling your yak, this could mean about 15 minutes of time on the water that your hands are in use for something other than fishing. I grabbed one of my pike rigs and set out for the new destination I had selected. Since I was in a Hobie, my legs power the mirage drive and my hands are free for fishing. Being able to troll in my kayak is one of my favorite features of fishing from a Hobie Kayak.

My hands were free to work my spinner bait to have it mimic a wounded bait fish and feel if a fish struck my lure. And sure enough, 5 minutes into the "peddle" BAM! a nice pike hit my lure and ran for weed cover. I knew it instantly, set the hook and it was game on for some FUN! 

Bottom line is the Hobie Pro Angler gives you a "hands free" advantage for catching more fish from a kayak

Whether I'm pounding a shoreline, fishing a weed line, or fishing suspended fish, the mirage drive helps me keep my lure in the water longer and reduces the chance of lost fish because you can't feel a bite soon enough. Landing fish from a kayak is challenging enough without having to use your hands to paddle around and away from obstacles while fighting a fish. Keep your lure in the water longer and keep your hands free to feel to strikes and fight fish. Get a Hobie...get more fish in your boat!

I ride a Pro Angler 12, check out the features and benefits...then get yourself one! :)