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How Important Is A Comfortable Seat For Kayak Fishing?

How Important Is A Comfortable Seat For Kayak Fishing?

Posted on October 20 2016

A sore back or wet bottom really kills the enjoyment of time on the water kayak fishing! 

I've attended hundreds of kayak fishing events and seen thousands of different yaks. I've talked to kayak anglers who have top of the line kayaks and those who purchased the cheapest kayak they could find. As a board member for the Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association, one of the things we do is educate newbies on everything about kayak fishing. Rigging, selecting a yak, where to fish and more. One of the most common questions we get is "which kayak should I buy for fishing"? There's a lot to consider, what type of water will you be on primarily, what type of fish do you like to target and more. But what we ALWAYS encourage people to do is to demo any kayak they're interested in on the water.

If you're not comfortable, you're not going to enjoy kayak fishing!

The stability of the kayak you choose is one aspect of comfort. A more important consideration is the seat or chair. Low cost kayaks typically have molded in rigid chairs that do not adjust to accommodate your size or let you make adjustments for where you need and desire support. The price you pay for a low cost kayak is a sore back, wet bottom and more trips to shore to stretch out and dry out because you're not comfortable. Investing in a quality kayak with a quality seat makes kayak fishing more enjoyable. 

In 2012 Hobie introduced Vantage seating on the Pro Angler 12 & 14, the comfort and adjustability are amazing!

Hobie has always been the kayak fishing industry leader with innovations that differentiate their boats from the competition. Hobie engineers have a special ability to deliver innovations that are everything a kayak angler could dream of AND MORE! Vantage seating on the Pro Angler line of fishing kayaks is a prime example of this. Up to 2012 the seat on Pro Anglers was wide and comfortable. When the Vantage seat came out, there was NOTHING like it. It was extremely adjustable, built to last and most of all, THE MOST COMFORTABLE KAYAK FISHING SEAT...EVER!

I'm writing this article in October of 2016, the Pro Angler Vantage seating is the same as it was 4 years ago. Hobie did it right the first time and users who appreciate quality have enjoyed millions of hours of kayak fishing in comfort. I'm one of those users, my Hobie Pro Angler 12 has Vantage seating. I see other anglers fidgeting, fussing, complaining about sore backs...I just keep on fishing! Other manufacturers have made attempts to improve their kayak seating. They're playing follow the leader and playing catch up. Nothing today comes close to the Vantage seat for kayaks.

I encourage you to look at other kayaks and their seats. Take them out for test ride on the water. Then schedule a test ride on a Hobie with Vantage seating. You'll say "I want one"! With the comfort and adjustability of Vantage seating, you'll get out there, stay out there longer and enjoy the sport of kayak fishing in comfort.

The video below fully explains Hobie Vantage seating. Hi Tempo is one of the oldest and largest Hobie dealers in the country, call us, email us or chat with us to get any questions answered.