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Using The Hobie Mirage Drive 360 For Ultimate Boat Control

  • Posted on
  • By Grant Carston

Hobie Pro Angler Mirage Drive 360

If you have a boat or have ever looked at boats and trolling motors, you know they come in multiple shapes and sizes. Trolling motors allow you to move the bow or stern left or right only. What if you could move or shift the whole boat left or right? Would that be a game changer for your fishing? Would you say it's a remarkable solution for boat control?

Picture yourself in this scenario; the wind is quartering into the bank you want to fish.

The wind keeps blowing you into the bank and spinning you away from your casting target. You need to stay somewhat straight to cast into the bank, or even on an offshore hump. It could even be a dock, but that darn wind won’t let up and you're fighting for position every time you try to cast. The Mirage Drive 360 gives you the ultimate positioning control solution! The 360 gives you the ability to literally move the whole kayak from side to side or front to back instantly.

The Hobie Mirage Drive 360 gives you 100% control of where your kayak is pointed!

Hobie Pro Angler 14 With 360 Mirage Drive

I primarily fish in Minnesota for bass. If I’m working a line of docks, which I love to do, I can now face the docks and move to each one without turning into each dock slip. Basically, that means I’ll shift sideways from dock to dock without facing away from shore. And now once you hook a fish, you have instant reverse too. How cool is that!

But wait, there’s more! The new 360 drive has a kick up fin feature. This allows you to hit unexpected rocks, stumps or sand bars without damaging your drive. The fins fold back on impact then spring back into place once they're clear of the obstacle. Say good-bye to replacing bent fin shafts.

The PA360 line of kayaks was introduced as part of Hobie’s 2020 lineup of kayaks.

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